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➡️ git provide us source code management and version control system facility.

➡️ folder where we can Store our files or code is known as work space or WIP. I didn't get world it is known as working area.

➡️ Staging area is meant for tracking our code which is residing in the working area .

➡️ Commit area takes point in time snapshot i.e backup of our code.

➡️ Git keep on tracking which lines of code are changing and then create index for use.

➡️ Any file contain text data we can use in the GIT SCM and do VCS.

➡️ Git bash provide all the git commands and all the linux command work in this shell.

➡️ In git world we have to create repository which contain staging and commit area.

➡️ Git init: initialise repository for us and create one hidden folder in our workspace.

➡️ Details about branch: origin, feature branch, upstream branch, and merging of two branches with git merge command.

➡️ GitHub is known as centralised VCS.

➡️ master branch is also known as base or release branch.

➡️ git cat-file -p [commit I'd]: here -p option provide metadata of your commit.

➡️ git status -v: give extra detail about the status.

➡️ Git have a capability to trigger the list.

➡️ Jenkins CICD demonstration integrated with GitHub and apache web server.

➡️ Detail about compare and pull request.

➡️ Forking and cloning of git repository.

➡️ GitHub contain webhooks.

➡️ Gitkraken is one of the graphical tool. Where we can see branches and commits.

➡️ squash commit will save the history of commits.

➡️ Rebase is reverse of merge.

➡️ Fast-forward and recursive merging and detail about cherry pick that pick up some part from the branches.

➡️ Merge conflict occur when two branches content will nearly same. So we can use p4merge tool to overcome the conflict issue.

➡️ Stash is one extra area for memorising the thing and we don't commit it.



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