Aaditya Tiwari
2 min readApr 4, 2021


AI on Cloud

Overall the workshop content was great, I learned a lot from it. It really shows us the power of Amazon AI services, which really help the industry in the proper manner.

Day 1: AI on cloud

✔️Details about AI,ML and DL
✔️AWS collected all the patterns i.e they contain pre trained models.
✔️Amazon Recognition is one of the service that search, verify and organize million of image and videos.
✔️It recognise with some confidential score i.e percentage.
✔️It help us in following ways: object detection, celebrity recognition, Text in image, facial analysis etc.
✔️Boto3 is one of the python SDK for aws.
✔️Amazon poly is one of the service that converts text into speach which contains plain text and ssml.
✔️Lexicons: here we can use our own voice.

Day2: AI on Cloud

✔️ Amazon lex help us to create chat bot having text and voice facilities.
✔️ Functions in lex is known as intent.
✔️ What we speak comes under utterances.
✔️ Re prompt is a way to ask something.
✔️ Slots is considered as a variable or datatype.
✔️ Fulfillment is known as the backend of lex.
✔️ Amazon kendra create local index for searching.
✔️ Amazon forecast contain the forecast domain where we provide historical data and then predict for future.
✔️ Amazon code guru help us to review the code and optimise time and space complexity.
✔️ Amazon transcribe convert speech into text.
✔️ Amazon comprehend analyse unstructured text.
✔️ Amazon texttract convert hard copy text into soft copy.
✔️ Amazon translate help us in translation between languages.
✔️ Amazon pesonalize used in recommendations.
✔️ Amazon fraud detector prevent frauds.