Aaditya Tiwari
2 min readNov 28, 2020


Ansible puts Google Technology at Your Fingertips

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides scalable infrastructure and solutions to meet the needs of your organization. GCP offers on-demand instances, software-defined networking, storage and databases, and big data solutions — and they’re all available at your fingertips. GCP enables your applications to take advantage of Google’s significant infrastructure, utilizing their best-of-breed technology and innovation, and only pay for what you need when you need it.

Ansible and Google Native Integration

The Ansible/GCP integration gives you everything you need to manage your IT infrastructure. From provisioning instances and autoscaling, custom networks and load balancing, and even managing DNS and cloud storage, it’s all provided. Use the Ansible/GCP tutorial and examples in your Playbooks.

Solutions That Grow with Your Organization

Take advantage of GCP, the way you want to:

Testing/Continuous Integration

  • Use Ansible to launch instances in any GCP Zone, configure networking setups to accurately simulate real-world scenarios
  • Deploy your code how you want: private disk images, startup scripts pointing to your own package repository, and more — all within your native Ansible Playbooks
  • Tear-down instances when you’re done: right after a test or after a review with the team and even keep a snapshot of the disk

Production Deployment

  • Use GCP Managed Instance Groups (Playbook example) and autoscaling to ensure your application can meet the needs of its users
  • Easily use Cross-Region Load Balancing to have your application served by the closest-available zone
  • Enable Service Accounts with specific access, enabling only those who need it to run your playbooks in production

Leverage Containers Without the Hassle

  • Easily deploy containers in Google’s managed container environment (Container Engine)
  • Store and access your container images in our Container Registry
  • Autoscaling, advanced networking, and Logging giving you full control to understand and tune your cluster

Google is an Active Contributor to the Ansible Community

The Ansible open source community is a vibrant, fast-moving place that strives to get things done. Google thrives in open source but also understands the reliability needs of its users to safely run their infrastructure. Google Engineering actively builds Ansible modules, contributes code and documentation, and helps users deliver their solutions with GCP.