Expert Session

Aaditya Tiwari
1 min readMar 9, 2021

Key Points:

➡️ Migration: migration of the code from the centralized version system to Git.

➡️ Around 1600 modules have to be migrated from CVS to git.

➡️ Workaround time for the build has to be reduced.

➡️ Jenkins integration plays a vital role in the automation of build and deployment.

➡️ Cvs works on a file system basis.

➡️ discuss Important points about why we have shifted from CVS to git.

> Distributed works better if there is a big team.

> Easy to create branches in git.

> Git UI gives a more clear picture of the repository.

> Rest API implementation in Git.

> Git is easy to reconcile.

> Code merges between the branches.

> Git works on a repo level.

➡️ Cvs2git is the tool for conversion.

➡️ detail about banking services for the bank of plutanis.

The overall session was great.

Thank you so much, LW….:)