Expert Session: Containers, Kubernetes and Redhat Openshift

Aaditya Tiwari
1 min readMar 2, 2021

➡️ Container adoption is growing rapidly in the enterprise much faster than expected.

➡️ Detail about the Gartner report for the container uses in the production for deployment.

➡️ benefits in Kubernetes such as the scalability, workload, and stability vs speed arguments.

➡️ Challenges in Kubernetes such as deployment hardening and operations.

➡️ Virtualization gives us isolation and it manages the state and provides us virtual nic card, Ram, CPU, and hard disk and it maps the physical devices to virtual.

➡️ Containerization is the new virtualization. It is easily shared and deployed.

➡️ Difference between Containerization and virtualization.

➡️ Use cases of containers in infrastructure and applications.

➡️ Everything is perfect with the container but why we need more..? because of scheduling, life cycle and health, discovery, monitoring, authentication, scaling, networking, image registry, metric and log in.

➡️ Openshift is one of the platforms as a service. it is a Red hat container application platform. it manages the container and its images it creates a custom container image and deploy containerization applications and troubleshoot it.

➡️ Details about the source to image and open shift customers.

➡️ Hands-on practical on podman and open shift.

Overall the session was great, I have learned a lot from it.

Thank You LW :)