The training was awesome, I learned multiple topics such as:

1. Grep and Linux basic commands

2, Networking -1

3, basic Linux commands

4. User add , passwd, and Linux basics

5, operators ‘>’ and ‘<’

6. Grep, rpm

7. Piping, wc command

8, ip address, ssh and networking

9. ssh, scp

10. Yum and dnf

11. httpd

12. ports, firewall and httpd

13. selinux basics with apache httpd

14. cd , vi and other basics commands

15. Ssh session

16. core networking -1

17. Core networking -2

18. partition-1

19. partition-2

20. Linux basic commands

21. partition-3

22. NFS

23. LVM

24. logs

25. Fstab — 1

26. fstab — 2

27. User add — 1

28. User add — 2

29. Autofs

30. Linux permissions on files and folder

31. sudo

32. Selinux

✅ SaaS, an abbreviation for Software-as-a-Service, is the new way of distributing and selling software. It is based on the cloud, so there is no need for the physical distribution of the software.

✅CRM(Customer Relationship Management) for business involves establishing a better relationships with customers which helps the business to…

Expert Session

I have learnt about the following topics -
1. It is a source code that is made available for free and modify as well for the usage. Like some Linux OS are the open source that is freely to use and able to see the source code as well.
2. Five…

JS Self Reflection

📍 HTML help us in showing images, text, links etc.

📍 CSS help us in look and feel.

📍 JS help us in interacting with our browser.

📍 Details about events like onmouseover, onmousedown, onclick, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup etc.

📍 document.write( ) help us in print something.

📍 detail about html tags pre, p, br, b, div etc.

📍 document.cookie contains 🍪 cookies about the browser.

📍 Detail about innerHTML and value property.
📍 Detail about confirm, alert, and prompt keywords.

📍 CSS properties like border, height, width, position etc.

📍 Looping and ajax concept.

📍 Detail about class HMLHttpRequest( ) which contain open, onload functions.

📍 Detail about JSON.

Data has always been an essential part of video games. From player profiles to telemetry, matchmaking to leaderboards, data is crucial to making games work — and making them better.

A Database for Video Games

Why should MongoDB be the database for your next game? Whether you’re a solo developer or working on AAA titles…

Speech Recognition Project

Project Description: I have created my personal Voice Assistant ⚡LAILA⚡.
The list of tools and technologies that I have integrated with the help of my voice assistant are as follows:
Speech Recognition: It is a capability that enables a program to process human speech into a written format.

Self Reflection: MongoDB
MongoDB day 1:

📍 Data model is a way to plan a strategy to arrange or organise data in some way. Types: embedded and reference.

📍 Mongodb is one of the document based database. It support sql ( structured data ) and nosql ( unstructured data )both.

Shell Scripting Self Reflection

📍shell scripting is one of the automation tool.
📍Linux cli runs shell behind the scene.
📍Bash shell is one of the progam or software.
📍Shell takes the command and run on the top of CLI.
📍Why the need of shell increases..? Because mostly linux comes up with by default facility…

AI on Cloud

Overall the workshop content was great, I learned a lot from it. It really shows us the power of Amazon AI services, which really help the industry in the proper manner.

Day 1: AI on cloud

✔️Details about AI,ML and DL
✔️AWS collected all the patterns i.e they…

Aaditya Tiwari

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